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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

3 daeS sEC 3 CAmp at SENtoSa

dae 1
after the most longest walk in the rain and some muddy place we reach at siloso beach but never go to our camp area cause rainin like hell.got into groups and did some cheers..haha yishun oih... oihhh..haha thats all we did..pathetic but i was enjoying it all the while.we had our lunch ma ma mia..the food was like..eee.haha but hungry so eat what ever was there..had a little game of treasure hunt..wasted ma time out team ..(obidient) what a name found everyting but there wasnt judging at all ..we came back late also ..cause of ma smartness we lost out way..than there was more games and even more game..and coming up wit a cheer..haha here we go.
we're the best
cheak us out we pass the test
we shout really loud
we play realli hard
it doesnt really matter whats in the card
we play to win
dun play to lose
we're the best the team to choose..
go.... obidents..

somehow or rather the cheer was lame cause it was totally all my idea.
night came and we went for some stupid walk i wore my shorts and haha i was scrathing all over serve me right when i was told to wear track pants..
had dinner..
sleep wit grace..nurul haha we were like talking and complaning and talking and complaing..and all the sudden z z z z..haha
2Nd Dae
woke up at 3 plus just to take our bath..haha girls..i would sae we gotta smell nice..it was so dark so we got ma fwen to hold 2 torch out side..while we bath.he so sweet..considering he got free show haha..after bathing haha we sat down and dried our hair tied it and waited for the rest haha slow freaks..well the only ting ma skool what good at was we woke up so early just to have shower..haha desperate for free water..((kiasu)) singaporeans what can i sae.. bout it..
we went to do our high ropes obstacles and i was so pathetic..screaming ma heart out and my god every one was laughing including me.. nurul was so totally wit me all the time..haha ..erm we went to some haunted area to fly like a fox haha flying fox..well it was so slow so it was no fun at all ..we had to come up wit someting for our camp fire but no one was interested cept me i cant be running a one man show so i join the other team ..but didnt perform cause didnt have time to practise at all..
had a mid nite walk we walk and walk wit out a torch so dark ..every one was holding each other hand and stuff..and we had a bond all of the sudden..erm than they left us one by one or two by 2 at an area and make us sit there for like quite a while i was wit grace and we was like talking and sitting..and plucking the leaf like as if it wasnt anyting at all ..and we were laughing ..haha we went back to the camp side area and me nurul grace was the last to go in the toilet after finish strippin to our sport bra and towel ..haha all the other girls was lookin at us..lookin at the most longest line..we wash our hair at the sink so terrible cant believe me and grace use the same shampoo haha..so being vain in front of the mirror the instructor of the camp came and said..we were late than haha we never bath just changed..pathetic..we waited so long naked haha and never get to bath..what a camp..so we slept smellying like haha ..sweat but we didnt mind..it was fun anyway..in the tan 4 of us including aini talkin on the phone till morning and crappin like hell and laughing our asses off and zZz FALL asleep again..
last dae.
feeling so sad since tis is our last dae..we rushed to the toilet and bath. again haha ..erm ..we were passing shampoo from one end to another..erm and bitch around wit the other girl and ma voice sound like rockers voice haha i shouted to much i guess..it sounded so deep ..and ahha ..the instructor keep callin me danker..haha erm .. as u knoe i was the one than had the loudes voice haha ..so make use of it.all of the sudden i have a god brother musa he said i was cute so he wanted me to be his god brother haha ..what only..we went to the nearest 7/11 and ate ate and ate..cause the food was horrible..wore shorts..cause we were doing river rafting and river crossin but unfortunately couldnt do river corssing cause so fat fellow over pull the rope so it burst ..me and nurul was plying wit the water and sun tanner our self and haha we had fun.. the water felt so good..we decided to take a rinse off at the near by..shower pit when we reach there it was crowded wit our fwenz..like 40 peps..there haha we join in...and we took out our hair and washed it like no one;s business ..me and nurul..haha such a craizie..bunch..of idiots..haha we lined up and..we ask permission from our god brother.and he sae..go faster go play water so we went..and the shower was to both of us haha ..we made full use of it.. erm ..haha too bad grace wasnt feelin so well she stayed there..haha we were soackin wet like hell and every one just gave us tis ..what the hell u did stare..but well we dun care..erm we went back ..was lazy to go to the toilet so we changed in front of every one..haha like no ones business comb our hair..and laze around for command..than we had lunch..and played some game..had dinner..and went for our magical fountain show..
wahaha it was amazin if only gene was there wit me ..it was so marvellous haha i love it like hell..than we walk to the camp area and packed our stuffed and left for singapore..wehehe..reach skool ..took bus and went home...

grade of camp.:7/10
food:2/10 ..terrible
hehe..cant wait for another camp..

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

well fistly i didnt make this ma fren did damn she is so swit gotta meet her one dae and belanja her.todae as usual netball training slog out from bed early in the morn and dress up for netball practise,and how great it was when i forgot ma sunblock ma skin was so painful,4hours in the sun,coach is still in the hospital i tink i hope she's fine.

thERE a big game this coming fridae but sadly i cant turn out gotta go malaysia for who know what the hell for,ma mum wan me to come after much persuasion and beggin i saved ma breath just to lay back and follow as plan.afta training bout lunch for ma boi and only saw him for 2 min cause his mum was home and he had lotion all over his face.hehex i tout i we girls was the vain one,maybe guys wanna look as pretty as well.

chiao gotta look after ma niece she sleeps just like an angel when she's awake she's devilish.hehex i hope she can sleep everytime i'm hope..xoxo.jas!
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