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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

well fistly i didnt make this ma fren did damn she is so swit gotta meet her one dae and belanja her.todae as usual netball training slog out from bed early in the morn and dress up for netball practise,and how great it was when i forgot ma sunblock ma skin was so painful,4hours in the sun,coach is still in the hospital i tink i hope she's fine.

thERE a big game this coming fridae but sadly i cant turn out gotta go malaysia for who know what the hell for,ma mum wan me to come after much persuasion and beggin i saved ma breath just to lay back and follow as plan.afta training bout lunch for ma boi and only saw him for 2 min cause his mum was home and he had lotion all over his face.hehex i tout i we girls was the vain one,maybe guys wanna look as pretty as well.

chiao gotta look after ma niece she sleeps just like an angel when she's awake she's devilish.hehex i hope she can sleep everytime i'm hope..xoxo.jas!
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